[XeTeX] Small Caps in Latex

Jon Breitenbucher kahless at mac.com
Thu Jul 1 14:10:38 CEST 2004

On Jul 1, 2004, at 7:13 AM, Atip Asvanund wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> That's because Letter Case = Small Caps is not available for Warnock
>> Pro. The file AAT-info.tex which is part of the XeTeX sample files 
>> will
>> tell you what's exactly available for each font (please make sure you
>> run XeTeX on it in plain TeX mode, not LaTeX).
> I find that Small Caps are not available for several fonts. Is there a 
> way
> to simulate this (e.g., by using Caps of the same font at a smaller 
> size)?
> Or is there not an automatable workaround at all?
> Thank you,
> Atip

Bruno, is it not available because Warnock Pro is an OpenType font?

Atip, I posted a link to fd files for a number of Adobe OpenType fonts 
including Adobe Garamond Pro and Warnock Pro. In case you missed it 
they are at 
http://jbreitenbuch.wooster.edu/~jonb/AdobeTypeClassicsplus.zip and 
I'll probably update them soon. If you have OpenType fonts and want to 
find out what features they have enter the following in the Terminal

otfinfo -f WarnockPro-Regular.otf

(This assumes that you installed Eddie Kohler's font tools using 

For your immediate question of small caps in Warnock Pro the 
declaration should be

    <-> "Warnock\space Pro:+onum, +smcp"

and if you have the optical variants use

    <-8.9> "Warnock\space Pro\space Caption:+onum, +smcp"
    <9.0-12.9> "Warnock\space Pro:+onum, +smcp"
    <13.0-24.9> "Warnock\space Pro\space Subhead:+onum, +smcp"
    <25.0-> "Warnock\space Pro\space Display:+lnum, +smcp"

In the above I named the font owp for OpenType Warnock Pro, which is 
not the Berry scheme but I'm not sure how to name it in the Berry 
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