[XeTeX] Small Caps in Latex

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jul 1 12:39:02 CEST 2004

Le 1 juil. 04, à 11:55, Atip Asvanund a écrit :

> I copied the following declaration for Hoefler Text, and it works. 
> However
> when I tried it for other Fonts (e.g., Warnock Pro), it does not work:
> \DeclareFontShape{U}{warnock}{m}{sc}%
>       {<-> "Warnock\space Pro:Letter\space Case=Small\space Caps"}{}
> Please let me know if I am doing things right.

That's because Letter Case = Small Caps is not available for Warnock 
Pro. The file AAT-info.tex which is part of the XeTeX sample files will 
tell you what's exactly available for each font (please make sure you 
run XeTeX on it in plain TeX mode, not LaTeX).

Bruno Voisin

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