[XeTeX] Please use "New Message" to start new thread

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Dec 30 08:45:59 CET 2004

Sorry to sound patronizing, but please could people refrain from using 
"Reply To", based on an existing message to the list, to start a new 
thread. This seems like a very minor issue, but the result is that 
Mail.app (and probably other mailers as well) gets confused and cannot 
differentiate the new thread from the earlier ones.

For example in my XeTeX mailbox

	[XeTeX] Work around for Italic correction; +kern doesn't work(?)
	[XeTeX] Working with Arabic in xelatex
	[XeTeX] fontspec.sty and tipa.sty

are all together recognized as a single thread.

This is because, apparently, mailers use parts of the full headings of 
the messages, such as

	In-reply-to: <20041229093727.1473 at news.comp.lancs.ac.uk>

to determine what belongs to a thread and what does not, instead of, as 
most people think, the subject line. Hence, when people use "Reply To", 
the message created in this way is recognized as belonging to the same 
thread as the message used for the reply, whatever the new subject 

This is all very minor (I was myself culprit of using "Reply To" a 
number of times, before people pointed this problem to me), but it 
takes out most of the usefulness of the threading functionality of 
recent mailers.

Bruno Voisin

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