[XeTeX] Different kerning in XeTeX and XeLaTeX. Was: Work around for Italic correction; +kern doesn't work(?)

Robert Voogdgeert rvoogdgeert at kabelfoon.nl
Wed Dec 29 23:29:09 CET 2004

> Robert Voogdgeert said this at Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:19:41 +0100:
> >But, even with the two different types of kerning, the parenthesis
> >slightly `touches' the ff ligature, so, also InDesign needs manual
> >kerning to get things perfect.
> Thanks for the full disclosure. :)
> So, does the manual \kern0.167em work for you?

Adam (and others),

You tried typesetting with Warnock Pro (with otf2tfm) the italicized ff
ligature followed by a parenthesis in Warnock Pro Regular, which
resulted in good kerning.

I discovered to my surprise, that, when typesetting the exact same thing
(italic ff ligature followed by a regular parenthesis, without any
manual kerning added) in `plain' xetex results in good kerning.

Could anyone explain the difference between xelatex (resulting in `bad'
kerning) and xetex (resulting in better kerning)?

Kind regards,

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