[XeTeX] Work around for Italic correction; +kern doesn't work(?)

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Wed Dec 29 01:17:06 CET 2004

[bad form, responding to your own post, but I experimented a little

Adam Lindsay said this at Tue, 28 Dec 2004 23:49:24 +0000:

>>Even in absence of Italic correction, the Minion Pro (and other otf
>>fonts) have good kerning. In InDesign for example the use of Minion Pro
>>Italic with the kerning option set to metric, gives nice results,
>>slightly better than with optical kerning. 
>But I suspect that in InDesign you had the parens in italics as well. Is
>this true?

I tried out in my copy of InDesign (I'm not too familiar with it, as TeX
is much more interesting :), and metric kerning of italic Begriff next to
a regular paren is pretty poor, as expected. I thought the optical
kerning was a bit better (and an impressive bit of magic!)

I also tried italic correction using Warnock Pro (feature- and source-
wise, a similar font for our purposes) that was installed using Eddie
Kohler's otftotfm, and impressively (and somewhat surprisingly), it worked!

I gotta ask him how he did it.

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