[XeTeX] XeTeX infinite loop [][][][][][] bug - possible fix

Christopher Creutzig christopher at creutzig.de
Sat Dec 18 18:51:42 CET 2004

Dalyoung wrote:

> I got another case of infinite loop [][][][]... even though I set  
> \hfuzz things.(but not changed mem variables in texmf.cnf)

  When your \hfuzz is not large enough for the current box, you will
get the message.  Better drop that part (it means less warnings for
things that actually went wrong, anyway) and fuss around with your
texmf.cnf instead.

> Here is a code.

  It's much easier to reproduce:  \hbox to 2pt{abc}.

> For test, I added memory settings in texmf.cnf which was suggested by  
> Jonathan, Hans and Adam, and delete \hfuzz things from the code.
> Then there is no error messages in the terminal even if I made a blank  
> as [ topview].
> However, there is no graphic of topview but many repeated captions.

  ConTeXt doesn't check your work, it happily lets you shoot your feet.
(IIRC, Hans “promised” to add argument checking whn his laptop hits the
10 GHz barrier.  I'm not sure if he referred to a Windows or Mac
machine, though, where the GHz numbers mean extremely different things ...)


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