[XeTeX] XeTeX infinite loop [][][][][][] bug - possible fix

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Dec 16 17:30:25 CET 2004

I think I may have a temporary fix for the [][][][][][] problem, until 
such time as I correct the real bug in XeTeX and release a new version. 
I've been able to reproduce the problem here, and identified a 
texmf.cnf setting that appears to trigger it (and which was changed in 
a recent i-Package update).

Edit the file:


(you may need to "sudo pico ..." or whatever your favorite editor is), 
look for the "Memory" section, and add the lines:

	extra_mem_bot.xetex = 0
	extra_mem_bot.xelatex = 0

It is not necessary to regenerate the format files after adding these 

(ConTeXt users may need an additional setting; I'm not sure what format 
name they're using.)

Please let me know, those who've run into the problem, whether this 
does solve it for you. Meanwhile, I will of course aim to fix the bug 
in XeTeX that makes non-zero "extra_mem_bot" settings fail in this way.


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