[XeTeX] Euler Script: Fixed!

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Dec 7 09:17:29 CET 2004

On 7 Dec 2004, at 2:35 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> On 6 Dec 2004, at 8:00 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Thanks for working on this, Will; I'm sure there are a bunch of 
>> people who'll benefit from it. It'd be great to include this support 
>> directly in the xetex package, so I'll aim to do that when I get a 
>> new release ready. (Hope that'll be soon, but I've been swamped with 
>> other stuff lately.)
> Hey J
> To fix the problem directly, rather than the roundabout method my 
> package uses, you can simply put these two files in appropriate 
> places:
> <bsrx.map><eus.enc>
> and run
>    sudo updmap --disable bsr.map --nohash
>    sudo updmap --enable MixedMap=bsrx.map

Sounds good to me. Many thanks, Will!

> BTW, Is the "Z" in eusm10 not correct in your system? It's certainly 
> not for me: (that's eusm7 below it)
> <pastedGraphic1.pdf>
> But I might have done that to my copy of the font while experimenting 
> at some stage...

Nope, it's broken here as well. But the .pfb version looks fine when 
loaded into FontLab; wonder what happened to it. I'll re-do and check 
the conversion to .otf.


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