[XeTeX] I had a bad font.

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Dec 4 09:01:45 CET 2004

Le 4 déc. 04, à 05:31, Herb Schulz a écrit :

> Well, for the record, it appears that my problems with using lucbmath  
> along
> with Hoefler Text using XeLaTeX and the fontspec package was due to a  
> bad
> versions of some of my old OS 7-9 Lucida Bright New Math fonts. Once  
> those
> got fixed up it all worked fine.

Hi Herb,

Glad to hear it works. I had tried yesterday night (it's "early" --  
9:00 am -- in France by now) for some more time to figure out what  
could cause the error messages you got, but had finally given up.

Years ago there was on this list a thread re. a problem with Lucida  
fonts, and it also turned out to be a damaged font file  
LucidNewMatSymDem (thread "Lucida Font Problems with teTeX and  
TeXShop..." at  

The moral of the story: for owners of additional fonts shipped on  
floppies, to make ASAP disk images of the floppies (when getting hold  
of an external floppy drive) and save them on CD (especially for  
MathTime and Lucida, in the absence of customer support for them, the  
company Y&Y selling them having run out of business).


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