[XeTeX] fontspec 1.5 (& Lucida Math)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Dec 3 16:56:43 CET 2004

Le 3 déc. 04, à 16:51, Adam Lindsay a écrit :

> Fourier, as deployed, makes fairly heavy use of VF files, and also 
> relies
> on Utopia for its more normal characters. As Utopia is from Adobe, I
> can't imagine the conversion issue is quite as straightforward...
>> They have the appropriate "boldness", too, I think, given the Fourier
>> fonts were constructed to provide, together with Utopia, a lookalike
>> for the pair Lucida NewMath + Lucida Bright.
> Really? I'd never heard that, with Fourier/Utopia intended as a Lucida
> "lookalike"...

Hi Adam,

You're right on both accounts. I'll refrain from posting, until things 
get less hectic; I'm just doing too many things at the same time.


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