[XeTeX] Performance [was: Some fontspec details]

Christopher Creutzig christopher at creutzig.de
Fri Dec 3 13:53:09 CET 2004

Adam Lindsay wrote:

> What does concern me is the occasional infinite loop that XeTeX spins
> into. I presume this is from failing to find a break in a word for an
> overfull box? Does anything else set it off? Has anyone had success in
> staving it off?

  As an afterthought: For testing XeTeX, the workaround with setting
avoids messages about boxes, so XeTeX won't run into the loop trying to
output the box in textual form.  For obvious reasons, I wouldn't use
these commands for production typesetting. :-)

  Is this the loop you were referring to or is there yet another one I am
blissfully unaware of?


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