[XeTeX] Re: Is context working in XeTeX?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 2 18:47:16 CET 2004

Hi Jonathan,

> By the way, I haven't been following this thread very closely, but one 
> thought did come to mind: when xetex moves to using the .fmt extension 
> in place of .xfmt (coming in the next update, to fit in better with 
> TL2004), you'll need to think about using a different base name for the 
> "xecontext" format in order to avoid a clash with the standard 
> pdftex-based context.
> Just a heads-up .... JK

when the simplication to 'fmt' was discusses, the idea was that the distinction 
would be achieved by using an engine subpath


unfortunately tetex does not follow the tds recommendation in this.

however, texexec supports this, either by

   texexec --engine

or by an entry in the ini file, e.g.

   for tetex set UseEnginePath to true


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