[NTG-context] Re: [XeTeX] Re: Is context working in XeTeX?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 2 17:59:03 CET 2004

Adam Lindsay wrote:
> Dalyoung said this at Fri, 3 Dec 2004 00:04:24 +0900:
> Hi, Dalyoung.
> I'm cc'ing to the ConTeXt list, because I don't see why a context.fmt
> file (or its equivalent) would be created. 

I have no idea, is fmtutil still playing tricks then? What version of texexec is 

>>Thank you for your reply. The command
>>sudo texexec --xtx --make --alone en  creates a format 
> I was fairly certain cont-en.xfmt would have been created, and not
> context.xfmt. Anyone in ConTeXt land know why?


what happens is one says:

sudo texexec --xtx --make --alone --all

(should create cont-en cont-nl metaun and mptopdf with all patterns loaded)

> Okay, that log looks like texexec didn't find the cont-en format, and it
> tried making one. Most likely my patches to texexec didn't cover this
> error condition (and I'll look at revising it), but really, you should be
> creating a cont-en file with that command listed above.
> Anyone else have a clue?

no, i never get an context.* format

> In the meantime, what does this return?:
>  sudo texexec --xtx --make --alone cont-en

nop, texexec appends the en to cont-

(part of the problem can be that the latest web2c has only fmt as suffix an dno 
longer <engingchar>fmt


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