[XeTeX] fontspec 1.5

Herb Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Thu Dec 2 03:33:51 CET 2004

On 12/1/04 8:10 PM, "Will Robertson" <will at guerilla.net.au> wrote:

> Herb Schulz wrote:
>> I did have a problem with Hoefler and maths; the \Gamma seemed to have
>> disappeared. Outsidxe of that it looked pretty good. I still have a problem
>> with using \usepackage{lucbmath} before the \setromanfont{} spec.
> Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the lucida maths fonts, so it's
> hard for me to know what's going on. (These are the commercial ones, right?)
> If it's definitely my package that is the problem (can you get \Gamma in
> this font in XeTeX normally?) then it might be the maths stuff I added
> in v1.4 - I might need to make that optional.
> What's the exact problem when you write
> \usepackage{fontspec,lucbmath}
> \setromanfont{Hoefler Text}
> ?
> Regards,
> Will


Hmmm... I looks like there are major problems if I try to use the lucbmath
package. The missing \Gamma occurs when I have no special math package

\setromanfont[Numbers=Lining]{Hoefler Text}

is all I have loaded. When I use:

     {<-> "Hoefler\space Text"}{}
     {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Italic"}{}
     {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Black"}{}
     {<-> ssub * hoefl/bx/n}{}
     {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Black\space Italic"}{}
     {<-> ssub * hoefl/bx/it}{}
     {<-> "Hoefler\space Text:Letter\space Case=Small\space Caps"}{}

The \Gamma is there. Note: in both cases the rest of the math italic appears
to be CM.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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