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Jon Breitenbucher kahless at mac.com
Wed Dec 1 16:26:52 CET 2004


Is there a way to allow this mechanism to select the Caption, Regular, 
Subhead, and Display fonts for a specified size range? Something like

\fontspec[<-8.9>={Warnock Pro Caption}]{Warnock Pro}
\fontspec[<9-13>={Warnock Pro}]{Warnock Pro}
\fontspec[<13.1-24>={Warnock Pro Subhead}]{Warnock Pro}
\fontspec[<24.1->={Warnock Pro Display}]{Warnock Pro}

making the size information global and allow one to set Bold as

\fontspec[Bold={Warnock Pro Semibold}]{Warnock Pro}

which would retain all the previous size information.

Or possibly allow one to set Bold as

\fontspec[{Bold,<-8.9>}={Warnock Pro Semibold Caption}]{Warnock Pro}?

On Dec 1, 2004, at 12:54 AM, Will Robertson wrote:


> New feature: It is also possible to define your own bold and italic 
> shapes in a font family. For example, you may select the Baskerville 
> family with semibold with
>    \fontspec[Bold={Baskerville SemiBold}]{Baskerville}
>    \bfseries Some semi-bold Baskerville text.

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