[XeTeX] fontspec 1.5

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Wed Dec 1 06:54:28 CET 2004

Sorry to announce this so soon after the previous version.
I've been procrastinating.

The fontspec package now contains almost every feature I would like it 
to. I'm going to do my best to ignore it from now on and get some 
proper work done. (Unless there are problems with this release.)

New feature: It is now possible to add features to the currently 
selected font with the \addfontfeatures{} command. This allows you to 
add a hook to tabular material, for example, and have it automatically 
turn on monospaced lining figures in the table without have to know 
which font is selected. (Only if the font actually HAS those numbers, 
of course.) E.g.:
    \fontspec{Hoefler Text} These figures are old-style: 1234567890
    \fontspec{Skia Regular} These figures are old-style: 1234567890
    \fontspec{Hoefler Text} These figures are lining: 1234567890
    \fontspec{Skia Regular} These figures are lining: 1234567890

New feature: It is also possible to define your own bold and italic 
shapes in a font family. For example, you may select the Baskerville 
family with semibold with
    \fontspec[Bold={Baskerville SemiBold}]{Baskerville}
    \bfseries Some semi-bold Baskerville text.

This will also allow you to select bold shaped from other families 
altogether if they match well enough. (There was talk along this line 
with Korean fonts, I think.)

So that's that. I promise, no more significant updates soon!
Problems, praise, suggestions, criticisms: please let me know.


PS I've just realised this version still won't allow you to choose bold 
fonts for Skia. Damn.

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