[uktug-committee-public] An AGM motion concerning future of UKTUG.

Jay Hammond jay at jjnr.uk
Thu Oct 31 20:12:16 CET 2019

On 31/10/2019 18:18, Joseph Wright wrote:
> On 31/10/2019 18:15, Jay Hammond wrote:
>> I have thought about UKTUG's data retention policy as well as what to 
>> do with the assets, should it come to dissolution. Dante would be my 
>> recipient of choice for the Assets. These details need to be outlined 
>> but not finalised in the dissolution motion.
> Data-wise, we have (presumably) accounts held currently by John, the 
> membership records held by me (increasingly a series of emails), and 
> the PayPal account 'log'. Is there anything else?

the committee discussions

the minutes of those discussions

the motions and votes

More tenuously,  I believe there are paper and e-records of past 
membership, publications, distribution lists (Answering the question "Do 
you want a paper copy of publication X, or will a pdf suffice?) 
Baskerville is still available.

STV voting data (not necessarily anonymous)

I do not know in detail. I have not done a data audit.  I am not aware 
of there having been a data-audit.

We should enquire of past chairs and secretaries if they have any data. 
(personal or otherwise). My thinking was that XXX might be able to 
publish some data as of historical interest, either with consent, or 
after the death of the named member. It could be published anonymously 
initially and the full version released in 30 years.

By "XXX", I mean a data-processor as overseen by an archivist appointed 
by the final UKTUG committee. Public archiving will cost money.  Without 
the data-audit, I can't accurately estimate the cost. It may be a better 
use of the funds to give them all to Dante/TUG. That's the sort of 
matter I think the members should decide.


> Joseph

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