[Tugindia] Problem with bookmark.sty with xmltex

Jay cooljay2708 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 08:18:08 CET 2008

Dear All,

I am facing problem while using bookmark.sty with xmltex. I am getting
error as mention below at the end of the compilation:

 [15] (./7_Chapter.aux

 ! Package keyval Error: id=1 undefined.

 See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
 Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

  l.16 ...2E30}}{3020427269656620546865726170696573}

Herewith I am providing minimal example of codes of my XML and XMT


       \\usepackage[open, openlevel=2, atend]{bookmark}[2007/09/25]
       \\makeindex %

 { \\par\\addvspace{24pt plus5pt minus5pt}\\advance\\SCOUNT1

{\\pdfbookmark[1]{\\thesection\\ #1}{\\@secid}%


<Chapter ID=\"Chap7\" Language=\"En\" booktype=\"mono\">
<Section1 ID=\"Sec1\" OutputMedium=\"All\">
<Heading>Brief Therapy and Outcome</Heading>


/pdfmark where{pop}
{/globaldict where{pop globaldict}{userdict}ifelse/pdfmark/cleartomark
load put}
/Title(0 Brief Therapies)
/Action/GoTo/Page 1/View[/Fit]
/OUT pdfmark
/Title(to 1 \\040Brief Therapies)
/Action/GoTo/Page 1/View[/Fit]
/OUT pdfmark
/Title( Brief Therapy and Outcome)
/Action/GoTo/Page 1/View[/Fit]
/OUT pdfmark
/Title( Brief Therapy and Chronic Pain and Medically Ill Patients)
/Action/GoTo/Page 1/View[/Fit]
/OUT pdfmark
/Title( Conclusion)
/Action/GoTo/Page 1/View[/Fit]
/OUT pdfmark

Please suggest.


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