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I just began working with eps files for my diagrams and am having
with it. Earlier, i used to use jpgs for diagrams and then 
\includegraphics{} with the \userpackage{graphicxs). However, I recently

realised that ghostview will automatically encode the bounding boxes of 
graphics and so I think eps versions of diagrams are handled better in 

When I compile on my home computer things look fine, but when I complie
my school computer, while the document does compile, none of the
are there, just white space where the diagrams should have been. The 
remaining text is all where it should be as well. I was wondering if
may have a clue/suggestions to help me out.

As is usual, while compiling I used LaTeX and then dvi to pdf. Also, I
using WinEdt 5.4 and MikTeX 2.4

Thank you,

I am not familiar with winedit.  I use texniccenter. Have you 
by any chance set graphics options to draft somewhere? You get
empty boxes in the draft mode.  Check the graphic options. 
Best regards,
S. Venkataraman

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