[Tugindia] Text Live & MikTeX

Kevin tugindia@tug.org
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 02:54:59 -0800 (PST)

Okay maybe this should help a bit: 

MikTeX is also a TeX comilation that is put together
by Christian Schenk and WinEdt is a front end Editor
pre configured FOR USE WITH MikTeX.

  In order to change the configuration you need to
read the relevant files from WinEdt's configuration
menu. Go to-> WinEdt>Options>ConfigurationWizard>TeX
  Read the instructions under TeX System. TeX Live,
although I have never used myself, is an image of the
files available on archives and perhaps does  come
with an EXE installation Wizard as does MikTeX, this
only you can tell if you have TeX Live CD. 
  MikTeX is designed for new users and users trying to
determine what LaTeX and TeX are all about. Keeping in
mind that they would have to learn how to use
TeX/LaTeX without using WinEdt i.e via Notepad etc.
For more detailed insight it is best if you spent
sometime at www.tug.org and www.miktex.org to find the
significant differences. I am assuming that the
packages would be similar if not the same, just the
font end Editor's configuration under WinEdt is
pre-configured for MikTeX.
Hope this helps.
--- PRABIR GHOSH DASTIDAR <prabirgd11@rediffmail.com>
> Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please
> elaborate on the 
> difference/special features between the two (TexLive
> and MikTeX 

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