[Tugindia] Problem with amsmath and varioref.

S. venkataraman tugindia@tug.org
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 09:51:53 +0530

I have a problem using amsmath with varioref package. 
I have given the code that gives the problem. I am using the version 
of varioref that was updated in sep. 2001, i.e. the latest one.
As far as I can see, I am not doing anything wrong.  It gives the
following amsmath error:

! Package amsmath Error: Multiple \label's: label '4@vr' will be lost.

See the amsmath package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
l.18 ...rm{using eqn.(\vref{eq-11})}\label

This works fine if I replace equation by eqnarray. I couldn't find 
anything in the documentation about this error. I downloaded the 
latest version from CTAN very recently and installed it.
Best regards,
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%beginning of the file%%%%%%
%The troublesome part.  Works fine if I use eqnarray instead of
\begin{equation}f\left(\vt{31}\right)=8\textrm{ and }
  f\left(\vt{32}\right)=12\textrm{using eqn.(\vref{eq-11})}\label{eq-12}