[Tugindia] Ligure problem in Font

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Apr 7 18:01:24 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Ragu" == Ragu  <ragu at ttiindia.com> writes:

    Ragu> Some days before, i had been to a company, where the people
    Ragu> using their font names likes abSABrm.tfm (for roman),
    Ragu> abSABbf.tfm (for bold) ect for various versions of SABAN
    Ragu> font. I likes to have the same mode of font names to my
    Ragu> files.

    Ragu> I am trying various methods to get the same naming
    Ragu> conventions. But i could not achieve the end result.

    Ragu> I do agree with you, all the font names are embedded within
    Ragu> the font. So, we need to have some font handling software
    Ragu> likes FONTLAB etc. are needed to change their font name
    Ragu> internally.

    Ragu> If any one can help me regarding this, please let me advice
    Ragu> (i am an Windows user).

Why do we need to change the headers of the proprietary fonts leading
to licence violation when all these can be achieved through 'fontinst'
package available in all standard TeX distribution?

You can create *.tfm's of your font with any name you like (better
that it doesn't clash with Karl Berry naming scheme) from the *.afm's
of your fonts. Map these *.tfm's to the real font names in a font map
file read by dvips or xdvi (postscript translator and dvi previewer
respectively) so that you're saved from the worry of changing the
header of the real font file. You can even create *.vf (virtual fonts)
too if you need them.

Create necessary font definition (*.fd) file to define the font
encoding, shape, attributes, etc. which will be read by the psnfss of
LaTeX. Also create a <font>.sty to define \rmdefault, \sfdefault and
\ttdefault which can be loaded at the will of the user with a
\usepackage{<font>} command in her document, just as you have
times.sty that you load with \usepackage{times}.

All these things can be accomplished by fontinst package in a breeze. 
Please read the documentation of fontinst package, since this mail is
insufficient to explain all the nuances in detail.



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