[Tugindia] Rc's ideas ! ! !

psk tugindia@tug.org
26 Sep 2002 15:56:30 -0000

> From: "H.S.Rai" <hsraidce@iitr.ernet.in>
>To: "TugList" <tuglist@tug.org.in>
>Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 8:18 PM
>Subject: [Tuglist] Regional chapters
> > Dear List members
> >
> > In  order to  have more  uniform activities  related to  TeX, 
>in  vast
> > country  India,  I  believe  formation of  regional  chapters  
>may  be
> > helpful. You all are requested to give your suggestions.
> >
> > As information about geographical distribution  of users is 
>not known,
> > I  suggest  to  have  a  web-form  on  TUG-India  website  to  
> > information about list members.
> >
> > --
> > H.S.Rai

hey TUGs,
  i fully agree with hsr this respect. There are many activities 
we can start for this purpose.
1) Starting Local Activist Groups
2) Concentrating on DTP centers and give orientation to make 
documents in TeX
3) Aware the Companies (MNC's also) about the benefit of TeX
4) Write frequent articles helping the newbies in the publications 
by as many members as we can.
5)Bring the notice of major educational institutions in this 
respect.(especially engg colleges etal..)They are one of the major 
group of people to work for TUG.
   these are the ideas i got in a flash.Hope all others too are 
having ideas about it. Share it and we all together make it 

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