[Tuglist] Regional chapters

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
24 Sep 2002 12:25:15 +0530

>>>>> "HSR" == H S Rai <hsraidce@iitr.ernet.in> writes:

    HSR> Dear List members In order to have more uniform activities
    HSR> related to TeX, in vast country India, I believe formation of
    HSR> regional chapters may be helpful. You all are requested to
    HSR> give your suggestions.

This is a laudable idea, in fact, we pursued this for some time, when
we started TUGIndia. We could succeed in having one regional chapter
at Delhi by the efforts of Wagish Shukla and Amitabh Trehan. However,
it seems that not much activities are initiated, the only notable
event I can remember is that John Plaice, primary author of Omega,
visited them last October and had discussion with several members and
delivered a few talks on Omega, and intentional programming.

Notwithstanding this miniscule work, having several more regional
chapters across the country will be much more useful, at least it
forms a nodal point of activity through which TUGIndia can co-ordinate
training activity like tutorials, seminars, workshops, etc. Otherwise,
in a vast country like India, no organization can reach out the real
target population.

As such, I would request people interested to take a lead role may
come up with suggestions and willingness to form regional groups.  It
is immaterial evenif you have only a handful of members (remember, we
had only 25 members when we started TUGIndia a few years ago, but now
we are one of the recognized major users group), but continued and
sustained work will make the group much more stronger within one or
two years.  Please talk to KG Kumar <kg@tug.org.in> who will
co-ordinate the activities in an efficient way.

    HSR> As information about geographical distribution of users is
    HSR> not known, I suggest to have a web-form on TUG-India website
    HSR> to collect information about list members.

Yes, will do it at the earliest.