[Tuglist] Trainer

H.S.Rai tuglist@tug.org.in
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:50:25 +0530 (IST)

Today at 8:29am +0530 Ajit Ranade wrote:

>    niit will  train students in  TeX if  they perceive a  big enough
>    demand for  TeX trained  people. most demand  in india  is coming
>    from publishers/vendors to publishers. this group seems to prefer
>    training their TeX staff in house.  so we miss out on a spillover
>    effect outside these companies into the general pool.

In  that case  it  appear that  it  is against  the  interest of  this
industry to make  available manpower trained in  TeX. If this industry
publish  advertisement  "TeX  person  needed",  public  will  come  to
know  that  there is  requirement  for  this  and  they want  to  have
training. IHMO,  NIIT  like  institutions generate  demand. Just  take
example of hardware vendor Cisco. They train person for using Routers,
tell me how much jobs are  there for them? I view their this excercise
just  as sale  promotion  scheme to  sell  more their  products. These
publishers  and   vendor  can  pool   and  have  their   own  training
institute. Now a day training is also a big business.

>    ... the fact that kerala govt is sponsoring TeX related effort is
>    very promising indeed.

No  doublt, Govt.  help  may prove  very helpful,  but  there is  past
experience that Govt. sponsored projects were not able  to create much
impact, while with private and  public participation project were very
successful like  cable T.V.  and Internet. If there  can be  a propoer
blend of Govt.  and private participation, then things  may move quite