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Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
22 Sep 2002 10:37:24 +0530

The TUGIndia Tutorial team is braving up for the second part of the
"Online LaTeX Tutorial". This time, we shall concentrate on graphics.
PSTricks will be the first item which might span at least 6 or more
sessions, followed by inclusion of PSTricks in PDF documents,
inclusion of external graphics, relabelling of eps, metapost, xypic,
etc. We will conclude the second part with a detailed discussion on
presentations with LaTeX (that has much more capabilities than
PowerPoint) which might include seminar, prosper, pdfscreen, etc.

We hope to upload a lesson every fortnight, but might be interrupted
at times (please bear with us), however, we are committed to complete
the tutorial within six months.

The printed version of the first part of the tutorial namely "LaTeX
Tutorials -- A Primer" is available for distribution. The book is
priced at Rs. 150 plus forwarding charges (Rs. 50).

TeXLive 7 CDROM's are also available for distribution which is priced
at Rs. 500 per copy (inclusive of forwarding costs) as usual, but this
time, a copy of the LaTeX primer will also be sent along with CD.

As a bonus to the early birds, a copy of CDROM on TEI XML, 650MB
resources on XML edited by Sebastian Rahtz and Lou Burnard of Oxford
University Computing Services will also be supplied along with every
purchase of TeXLive CDROM on a first come first serve basis. We have
only limited stock of the XML CDs.

Also, we have a few copies of the preprints of all the presentations
at TUG 2002, the annual conference of TeX Users Group which concluded
on 7 September 2002 in Trivandrum. Those who are interested to receive
a copy may kindly write to me <cvr@tug.org> privately, so that
TUGIndia will courier you a copy free of cost. So, please rush in, be
warned, we have only limited number of copies. 

Payments to TUGIndia may be in the form of demand draft drawn
favouring The Indian TeX Users Group on any bank in Trivandrum and 
the snail mail address is:

 The Indian TeX Users Group
 Floor III, SJP Buildings, Cotton Hills
 Trivandrum 695014  

 Tel +91 471 33 7501/7502
 email: tugindia@tug.org.in

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