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H.S.Rai tuglist@tug.org.in
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 21:50:02 +0530 (IST)

Thursday at 2:42am -0400 akr!linux-delhi.org@linux-delhi.org wrote:

>    i think radhakrishnan has identified (and i also stressed this in
>    my talk), a key bottlneck for spread of TeX in India. that is the
>    shortage of trainers.  and if you excluded trainers who  do it as
>    non-paid  volunteer  work,  there's  very  few  indeed.  we  need
>    tugindia  to facilitate  this, not  only through  volunteers, but
>    also on a  commercial basis. maybe some of  the indian publishing
>    companies or TeX vendors can support this aspect of tugindia.

A number  of companies  (like NIIT  and many more)  who has  very good
network through out  India and they have even reached  to small towns.
Though some  time such companies  exploit innocent students,  but they
can reach wide audience and with their advertising and marketing skill
they can mass produce (quality, no comment) human resources trained in
any software  related field (for  example in  past they did  for Java,
C++, Oracle etc).

If volunteers  and TeX industry  can train trainers of  such companies
with  some   good  quality  control   and  training  persons   as  per
requirement,  may be  with active  control  of TUG-India,  may be  one
possible solution.

Other possibility may  be to involve other societies (like  I can give
examples from engineering and  technical education field. These may be
Indian society for technical education, Institution of Engineers) from
different areas  which have already  offices and man-power  state wise
(in the  form of state  chapters and  student chapters) and  they have
fund for seminars and conferences.