[Tuglist] Caption style.

H.S.Rai tuglist@tug.org.in
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 09:50:36 +0530 (IST)

Yesterday at 10:09am +0100 Manoj Kummini wrote:

>    You could redefine \@makecaption like this:
>    \long\def\@makecaption#1#2{%
>      \vskip\abovecaptionskip

That  mean there  is no  ready  made solution,  one has  to resort  to

Thanks for sending this piece of code, but to my bad luck, I could not
use  it to  produce desired  results. I  added this  code just  before
\begin{document}, but result remain same,  no change in appearance and
even no error while running LaTex.

Is there any typical way to use it.

>      \sbox\@tempboxa{#1: #2}%
>      \ifdim \wd\@tempboxa >\hsize
>    %    #1: #2\par
>    \sbox\@tempboxa{#1}
>    \advance\hsize by -\wd\@tempboxa%
>    #1: \vtop{#2}
>      \else
>        \global \@minipagefalse
>        \hb@xt@\hsize{\hfil\box\@tempboxa\hfil}%
>      \fi
>      \vskip\belowcaptionskip}


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