[Tuglist] Usage of tif images

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Fri, 06 Sep 2002 15:43:34 +0200 (CEST)

Renugopal M schrieb:
> Can we inclue TIF file instead of eps or ps.
> If so, I request the command for the same.

That depends on what tools you are using and what format you are
producing.  PDFTeX can include TIFs when it is generating PDF files. 
Depending on your DVI postprocessor, including TIFF might be possible
also when generating DVI.  With DviPS, this is not directly possible
(although you can declare a graphics conversion command, see
grfguide.ps, and in particular epslatex.ps for more details).

There is some tool tiff2ps or so available which embeds the TIFF into
PostScript Level 2, so that the generated EPS files have full quality
while not being much larger (perhaps 20% of size increase or so).