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Dear Mr.Nambooripad

Thanks for informing about the TeX/LaTeX training programme.

We are planning to send two of our staff to attend this from Bangalore. As
the training program is for only two hours a day, could you please let us
know if they can do some practical sessions as well on a daily basis or
attend a workshop.

Please advise..

Many thanks
Narendra Kumar

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Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Trivandrum in association with
Department of Mathematics, Dept of Futures Studies, University of
Kerala and Free Software Foundation of India have organised a short
term training program in TeX and LaTeX.

Venue: Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala

Duration: 10 days from July 15, 2002

Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
                  Rs. 1000 for students

Deadline for Registration: July 8, 2002

The application form and related information are available at:


For further information, please contact:

Director, Centre for Math Sci., Trivandrum.  Tel. 0471 41 5860
Head, Dept. Math., Univ. Kerala, Trivandrum. Tel. 0471 41 8303

KSS Nambooripad
Chairman, Indian TeX Users Group

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