[Tuglist] Re: YAP not working.

Dr. Dinesh Karia tuglist@tug.org.in
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 20:08:52 +0530

Thanks Dear,

    I reinstalled it and it worked. It seems that  there could be some
problem with yap.exe due to improper shut down of windows.

    Thanks for your interest.

Dinesh Karia
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> Hi!,
> I am not an expert in Windows, although I use miktex. If you use version
> 2.0 or higher, one reason could be that you installed some package that
> replaced the VC++ run time files with older versions. Try installing the
> versions distributed with miktex. You can also try reinstalling YAP.
> Check the buglist at the miktex site. You can also write to the miktex
> list.  Christian Schenk may answer your question.
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