[Tuglist] unable to access epson stylus colour 480 in linux

Ravi Rao tuglist@tug.org.in
Sun, 9 Jun 2002 05:34:41 -0700


I think you might have a better response if you ask on a Linux mailing list,
instead of a TUG List. Nevertheless, I have Cc:'ed ILUGC, since I think
someone from there might be able to help.



"Dr. S. Biswas" <sbiswas@klyuniv.ernet.in> chittered thus:

Biswas> I have got 7.1 Redhat linux loaded. I am unable to access the epson 
Biswas> stylus colour 480, though epson stylus colour 460 is in the menu list. 
Biswas> As instructed everything is done /dev/lp0 is detected, test page printed 
Biswas> command is also shown but the printer does not respond. Can anybody help me?
Biswas>   In the same computer I have winShell in window platform. It was also 
Biswas> uanable to print ps files. After loading ghostgum, GS 7.0 epson stylus480 
Biswas> now prints ps files.
Biswas> What is the trouble with the linux?
Biswas> S Biswas  
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