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 Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 00:24:34 -0700 (PDT)
 From: Amitabh Trehan <amitabhtex@yahoo.com
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 Hi Raj,

 As I told you on the phone , I cant seem to be getting mail to and
 fro tuglist@tug.org.in . Can you check it out?

 The message below is pretty urgent. Can you get it on the list. With
 your cooperation, we'll be able to host Caturanga on 8th sep. We also
 need to make a budget. I remember receiving TUG budget but
 misplaced. Is it available somewhere?

 Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (MGAHV), New
 Delhi is hosting Caturanga2002 , its annual conference on Computing
 and the Liberal Arts on 8th September, 2002 at Trivandrum, just after
 TUG2002.  The focus of the Conference will be on the philosophy of
 Free Software.  The conference shall also discuss about the
 developments in the multilingual computing scenario. We think that
 this philosophy needs to be applied in more fields besides
 software. Hence, we plan to have a gathering of free software people
 and people from various other fields (Writers, Musicians, Artists

 The discussion will focus around the Free Software philosiphy, its
 manifestations, Counterparts in other fields, Licences (e.g. GPL ),
 IPR etc. The first part of the morning session can have introductory
 talks on the philosophy for participants from other fields followed
 by the discussion.  The afternoon session will also invite
 talks/presentations on the developments in multilingual computing
 e.g. The Omega typesetting system.  We wish to invite some writers
 and workers in field like painting music dance etc.  and discuss the
 basic logic of ' free' in free software.  Background paper will be
 circulated but some of the major points are as follows:

 a) A restricted access delimit the directions and spatialities of
 knowledge of any kind and endanger its species. For instance of a
 particular kind of footstroke or percussion style in confined to a
 single family, it will die out in course of time. In India itself we
 have several examples.

 b) Variformity as a value will disappear if knowledge packaging is
 not free.

 c) Inequalities should not be legetimized.

 d) Qualitative advancement in impossible without freedom because
 knowledge is cumulative.  ince about the only working example at
 global level is provided by the free software people, we will be
 grateful for your help in concretizing the idea of this meeting and
 participating in it.
Possible topics are :

 1) Free, open-source, and share-ware : Approaches to the pragmatics
    of knowledge.

 2) The economics of free knowledge packaging.

 3) Can there be free paintings, free music, free dance............?

 4) Who owns a book?

 5) Patenting the pythogorean theorem and many others.

 We will be grateful for an early reply.
 Amitabh Trehan 
 for the Caturnga Secretariat
 Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalatya 
 New Delhi.