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Subject: Installing TeluguTeX 

Dear Radhakrishnan ji

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******************* Installing TeluguTeX ************

Some time back I posted for help in installing TeluguTeX, to which I
received two responses one from Sri S. Venkataraman and the other from
Sri Hari. After some more tinkering here and there now I am able to
run the TeluguTeX. Now I want to share this experience with other TUG
members which may be useful to them also.

In the first instance I installed TeluguTeX in a subdirectory under
usr/share/texmf which didn’t work. Later on the suggestion of
Venkataraman I removed this and installed the *.tex files in
/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/teltex folder and the *.mf , *.awf and make
file in usr/share/texmf/fonts/source/teltex folder.

Later I ran ‘texhash’ as suggested by Hari. And this is the real
thing one should do after installing any package. Later on when I am
looking in various folders like /var/lib/texmf/tfm and
var/lib/texmf/pk/ I found ‘teltex’ subdirectories in them which I
did not create. Obviously ‘texhash’ has created them. Later I ran
‘make all’ as suggested in TeluguTeX readme file. It gave some
error messages like ‘I could not remove …gf file. It is not
there’ etc. etc.

I am using ‘emacs’ to input the matter along with ‘auc-tex’
which considerably reduces the strain. I opened the ‘document.tex’
provided with the TeluguTeX package. I ran the LaTeX from within
‘emacs’ itself and this time no error messages were given. The
output was written to the ‘document.dvi’ file.

Now my other ordeal began. When I am viewing it in the ‘dvi’ viewer
it is not showing the telugu characters and the KDvi tries to convert
to bitmap some 41 fonts. In the end it says “KDVI was not able to
locate all the font files which are necessary to display the current
DVI file. Some characters are therefore left blank and your document
might be unreadable. 

Experts will fin font’ section of the document
info dialog.” When I opened the ‘document info’ and ‘fonts’
while for ‘cm..’ fonts it is showing the full path of
/var/lib/texmf/pk/ljfour/….. it is not showing the path for the
telugu fonts. I checked the /var/lib/texmf/pk directory and lo.. there
is a subdirectory with the name ‘teltex’ (it is not created by
me). Fortunately I also downloaded a pk.zip file from the TeluguTeX
directory from the net. I unpacked it and found some packed files for
.300 resolution. I copied all of them in the
/var/lib/texmf/pk/cx/teltex. I also copied the *.tfm files in
/var/lib/texmf/tfm/…/teltex. Now it is working and the KDVI only
makes bitmap files for 26 fonts only (still I am unable to view some
of the font styles - tel18 onwards on my computer).

I am placing all this before you so that it may be of some use. Please
give your suggestions. I would like to put this as a “HOW TO

Tomorrow I will tell you the second part – my printing ordeal.

Thank you for reading this.

D. VeNuGoPaL