[Tuglist] LGrind Package for syntax highlighting

Satish Annigeri tuglist@tug.org.in
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 01:24:18 +0530

Dear CVR,
Thanks for your advice. It worked. I did the following (for the benefit of
1. Downloaded lgrind directory fromthe CTAN archive (ftp.dante.de). There is
a facility to download an entire directory as a .zip file.
2. Compiled the sources using Dev-C++ (gcc for Windows). Two changes needed
 	 i) add a #define VERSION 1.14 at the top of lgrind.c
	ii) hardcode the DEFSFILE macro to your texmf\tex\latex\lgrind directory
3. Created the texmf\tex\latex\lgrind directory and moved the lgrindef file
into it
4. Ran latex on lgrind.ins to create lgrind.sty and moved it to the same
directory as above
5. Refreshed the latex filename database. I used MiKTeX Options program
6. Read the documentation

As you mentioned, It is a better solution than program package. It appears
Windows can learn a trick or two if properly coerced!

With regards.

Satish Annigeri
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