[Tugindia] suggestions

David Kastrup tugindia@tug.org
28 Dec 2002 15:04:57 +0100

utpal deka <utpaldeka@sify.com> writes:

> I am using a \documentclass[book] for my purpose to get the
> chapters. Now, while defining \chapter, I get the default output. I
> want to change the font size & style of the chapter that appears at
> the top of the page with the chapter number at the right. I tried
> using \chapter{CHAPTER} which gives me caps and also used
> \chapter{\textsc{Chapter}}, but of no use. I am unable to use other
> styles like Italic for the same. Please, suggest me how to do it and
> also to get the whole chapter and chaptername to the right of the
> page?

The style of things like that can be changed with titlesec.sty.
However, document classes have been designed for a consistent
appearance.  Tampering with single settings is not likely to get good
results: in most cases it would be easier just using a different
document class.  The KOMA-script classes are one such set (scrreprt,
for example).  Another is the memoir class.

> Second, I was trying to change the appendix counter like Appendix-A
> to say Appendix-C. In case of changing chapter counters it can be
> done by using the calc package and adding to counter. How should I
> change in case of \Alph like appendix?

By adding to the chapter counter.  Just the same.

> Third, I was trying to use graphs drawn in xfig in latex. I followed
> the same instructions to include it as given in the help of
> xfig. While doing latex of the file it showed errors saying that the
> latex version cannot go with macros #. The xfig file, which contains
> macros like # is by default. How should I include xfigs containing
> texts in latex file?

By exporting to EPS.

> Moreover, how should I include other graphics file like *.tiff,
> *jpg, *.bmp etc in latex?

Read grfguide.ps.

> Fourth, If i want to include different chapters under the book class
> definition of document to edit each chapter seperately, will I have
> to the preamble in case of the chapters which are written
> seperately. e.g.  \documentclass[book] .........  \begin{document}
> .......  \include{chapter1} Now, should this chapters contain a
> preamble or it should be simple tex files without preamble.

Read any introductory LaTeX text of your choice.  The list is not a
substitute for reading.

The UKTug FAQ should cover many questions, too.

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