[Tugindia] Devanagari - How to Begin ?

Amitabh Trehan tugindia@tug.org
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 21:42:06 +0530

>   defs.mf, dvng10.mf,dnchars.mf, dvng8.mf, dvng9.mf,
> dvng.tfm, dvng8.tfm, dvng9.tfm, dev2e.sty, OT1dn.fd,
> dnmacs.tex, devnagari.tpm, copying, manual.tex,
> misspaal.tex, read.me, devnag.c, misspaal.dn,
> devnag.exe.

This is not the latest package ( The TeXLive cd has outdated version ). The 
newer version has files dev.sty and udn.fd instead of dev2e and OT1dn.fd . 
download from a CTAN server- ftp.dante.de  (languages/devanagari ..) . 
Install in the tree in the proper places. 
 Are you also trying to use LateX2html ? The URL you mentioned is of Ross 
Moore's LaTeX2html site. See www.hindivishwa.org for an example of use of 
LaTeX2html with devnag . You can easily use that, but you have to be careful 
to read some instructions (like copying the perl files to proper locations).