[Tugindia] Creating JPG/JPEG

Amitabh Trehan tugindia@tug.org
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 10:49:46 +0530

What  about using gimp for all this work ? Seems pretty good.
 I also need an opinion on this:  I converted a gif chart (the IPA chart) to 
eps (via gimp) and used it in my tex flle, it gets converted to a 3.5M eps 
file and the laser printer I have is refusing to print it (Memory ?) . I had 
to print the gif seperately and include it in the report (real mess up).
 Also, do eps files get incorporated into your pdf document via pdflatex?
If not, what are the options?


> On the other hand as David points out you may be better off using
> "preview" since the typical invocation of "dvips" produces output
> that is more appropriate for print (300/600 dpi) whereas for the
> screen you need the output to be at a smaller resolution (72/100 dpi)
> *and* anti-aliased.
> Typically the output of imagemagick conversions done in the "obvious"
> way produce large files which do not look very good either!
> Hope this helps,
> Kapil.