[Tugindia] Creating JPG/JPEG

Dr. Dinesh Karia tugindia@tug.org
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 22:54:38 +0530

Nikhil = "Nikhil Joshi" <nikhil_joshi@gmx.net>

Nikhil> i realized afterwards that if i convert pdf/ps files to jpg using
Nikhil> ImageMagick's convert utility I need not worry whether the recipient
has a
Nikhil> Acrobat Reader or not.

Is ImageMagick a freeware? If yes, could you please provide the URL to
download it? If not, is anybody in the group aware of a path (though long)
using freeware(s) to convert the PDF/PS/EPS/DVI to JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/WMF ?

I need this because, while creating some message for totally nontechnical
persons (mainly family members), this would be of great help. To communicate
to professionals, usually this need not be inevitable.

Thanks in advance,

Dinesh Karia