[Tugindia] Re: Tugindia digest, Vol 1 #74 - 13 msgs

Radhakrishnan CV tugindia@tug.org
20 Dec 2002 20:35:31 +0530

>>>>> "Manoranjan" == Manoranjan B <manoranjan@cbsl-india.com> writes:

    Manoranjan> is there any FTP site from where I can download
    Manoranjan> various Style files? 

ftp://ftp.dante.de or any of the mirrors of CTAN.

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 <hundreds of lines of previous messages snipped>


You are not doing a pleasing job which is contrary to what your name
denotes. Why a whole lot of a day's digest running into hundreds of
lines has been appended to your single line message? The appended
messages are totally irrelevant to what you have been asking for.

Do you have any specific enemity towards the well intented subscribers
of this list?  Can you trim your posts and avoid top posting? If it is
not possible, as list admin, I need to do something to save the lives
of our subscribers.  They dont deserve to be bombarded with repetitive
onslaughts like the one that you've done now.

I would earnestly request you go through the list guidelines before
posting further.