[Tugindia] GIF file

Radhakrishnan CV tugindia@tug.org
20 Dec 2002 20:24:50 +0530

>>>>> "ICM" == ICM  <prabirgd@icmam.tn.nic.in> writes:

    ICM> Hello How to put a gif graphics file in latex ?

RTFM is the right answer, many times, this has been discussed in this

TeX from teTeX and TeXLive supports only encapsulated postscript file
format and pdfTeX supports png, jpg, pdf, mps file formats.  It
largely depends on the distribution of TeX you use.  I don't think you
can include gif graphic in the TeX distribution normally used except
VTeX which I guess supports gif file format. Therefore, the easier way
will be to convert gif files into eps format and then include them
with the usual command of