[Tugindia] Latex... some doubts ...

Amitabh Trehan tugindia@tug.org
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 21:30:20 +0530

> We had done the thing in Microsoft Word format ( I used Star Office while
> my colleagues Microsoft Office )
 Well, naturally he wouldn't be impressed with the output because Word is not 
a typesetting tool.

> I create (with the help of dvips and ps2pdf) looks very crappy in acrobat
> reader. Ghostview however displays the thing quite well. Is this normal?
 That happens. What I found much better is to use pdflatex (pdflatex 
file.tex), which will directly give pdf output.

> Most probably we would print the project on a Windows machine ( i guess
> very few DTP vendors have Linux as of yet :( ). One of my friends told me

You can make a ps file (by dvips) and print it on any good laser printer 
supporting postscript by giving `type filename.ps > prn' , or by installing 
ghostscript on windows.  PDF is a very popular and good format, probably your 
friend doesn't have much idea about it.

> Has anyone made his/her synopsis/report/article in Latex ? Is there any
> other good doc formatting system?  Please guide
LaTeX is essential for all reports involving maths and any serious scientific 
publishing, so most theses and reports of Computer science, Maths etc. in 
IITs are written in LaTeX.  We are also using it for multilingual