[Tugindia] Latex... some doubts ...

H S Rai tugindia@tug.org
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 14:46:00 +0530 (IST)

Today at 1:58pm +0530 Nikhil Joshi wrote:

>   I'm new member of this list.

Welcome Nikhil.

>   Most probably we would print the  project on a Windows machine ( i
>   guess very few DTP vendors have Linux as of yet :( ).

You can  prepare document in in  "ps" or "pdf" format  either on Linux
machine or  on M$ win machine. You  can take its print  on any PC. See
these are independent of operating system and computer architecture.

>   One of my friends  told me that pdf files do  not print quite well
>   as compared with Microsoft Word files. Is this correct?

He  is  ignorant or  M$  may  be paying  him. A  number  of books  and
technical journals by reputed publishers, are being processed with the
help of LaTeX.

>  I'm in a  fix. I'm beginning to like Latex. But at  the same time I
>  would not like to face problems with the printing and stuff.

Why you believe any one? Get a small document (may be one or two page)
printed and see  result your self. In case problem, come  to this list
or search FAQ on internet about LaTeX.

>   Has  anyone made  his/her  synopsis/report/article in  Latex ?  Is
>   there any other good doc formatting system?  Please guide

M.E. /  Ph.D thesis, books are  being composed in LateX. Even  you can
prepare presentation  with this. (What  your friends  will do  with M$
power point).

It is  good idea to  search archieve of a  mailing list or  use search
engine like "google.com". Also a good  subject line of your Email help
every one.

Here I quote  from a few previos  mails on this list as  a solution to
your problem:


Can  you  not try  dvips  -Ppdf  foo.dvi  -o  foo.ps and  then  ps2pdf
foo.ps? Initially  I had  problems  with this  conversion. But once  I
updated my tetex, this works perfectly fine.



Please visit:


But there are quite  more entries in the FAQ that  are of interest for
your problem.

So after reading this entry, getting  to the table of contents for the
FAQ and looking up other relevant entries might be a good idea.

David Kastrup


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