[Tugindia] Error while previewing.

David Kastrup tugindia@tug.org
09 Dec 2002 20:23:32 +0100

"Baburaj A. Puthenveettil" <apbabu@mecheng.iisc.ernet.in> writes:

> $ configure --with-xemacs="c:/XEmacs/XEmacs-21.4.10/i586-pc-win32/xemacs.exe"
> The same error as earlier is encountered as shown below.
> checking for install-info... /bin/true
> checking for gs... NONE
> configure: error: gs not found!  Aborting!
> You must install Ghostscript for preview to work.
> Seems like deleting that two lines from configure.ini doesnt help. There 
> is a whole paragraph in configure, checking for GS, lines 1897 to 1943. 
> Should I delete that too and run configure?

configure is generated from configure.in if you run ./autogen.sh.

> 	Could you enlighten me as to what this link is supposed to do? Do 
> you mean to say that a link(shortcut in windows slang) to gswin32.exe by 
> the name gs would do the trick?


> If you could tell me what the function of this link I may be able to
> figure out what to do.

Having a command "gs" available at the command prompt.

> If its easy that might be better to do that fudging the configure
> file.

It should be very easy.  In Unix, you'd do

cd /usr/bin
ln -sf gswin32c gs

or something like that.

> > But I would rather make sure that you can call GhostScript just by
> > saying gs: this could save you trouble with other packages and
> > upgrades later on.
> 	I will see how that is done in windows, as of now I dont know. 
> Maybe copy gswin32.exe to gs.exe!?

Sure, that should be one way.  But making a link would avoid the disk
space for that.

> 	I thought  you are asking me to write to that address... and 
> had hence written there maybe two days back. 

Not with the same info I received now.  I am struggling to keep up
with maintaining both preview-latex and AUC TeX and answering feature
requests and bug reports and coordinating releases.

I am sorry if at times I don't answer personally things which should
be as easy as to be answered by other people on the list which have
experience with Windows.

Making some sort of Link is a Windows problem, and I am probably one
out of ten persons that does not use Windows at all.

Is there nobody else indeed here that would know how to make one
command accessible under another name under that operating system?

I find that surprising.  And it should be in your documentation
somewhere.  This is really not much of a preview-latex problem.

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum