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Dr. Dinesh Karia tugindia@tug.org
Sat, 7 Dec 2002 13:04:43 +0530

Dear Udayanbhai,
    Thanks for your reply. Let me brief you about the current development
taking place in India on the front of TeX. You must be aware of the
International Conference in Trivendrum. As a follow up, the ITUG (Indian TeX
User Group) is developing the enhancement in TeX, namely the Indian Language
support in TeX. Presently, the Devnagari is available. Some of the members
have developed a South Indian Language support. Being a part of the new
team, I was in search of some Gujaratis in the Group to form the local
chapter and develop the Gujarati. Unfortunately, there seems no Gujarati in
the group. So, I requested others. And Yoga gave your name.
    Now, about my knowledge of TeX/ LaTeX.

    I have been using LaTeX (MikTeX distribution) extensively. The self
study with the help of Indian TUG has enhance my knowledge to understand how
TeX works. As a result, I have primary knowledge of modifying classes and
style files. Still I have not written any class or style file of my own. As
far as other components, viz the font-design, tfm, type 1 fonts etc are
concerned, I am a novice. So, I too have to learn and develop the things so
that we can develop Gujarati fd, tfm etc.

    I guess you are not a member of the TeX user group. The group is run
really on Sahana Vavatu.... concept. So, I request you to join the group and
join me in, first understanding and then developing the Gujarati support in

    In this regard when I posted my message to the group, H.S. Rai (a senior
group member) replied as follows. So, let us start from this point itself. I
am also posting the same message to both the groups (one for user the other
for advanced user). Let us see if some more resources are available.

**** Part of my request*********

>    So, once again I request the group members to give me the outline
>   of the project.

**** A reply from HSR*********
See if following mail by Frederick Noronha give you some information.


This mail give you article entitled:

  " THE  PENGUIN'S  MANTRA: Efforts are  on  to  find Indian  language
    solutions to GNU/Linux in the subcontinent that matters  "

At the end of this *long* mail you may find following link:

Pango http://www.pango.org
Graphite http://www.sil.org/computing/graphite/
Li18nux http://www.li18nux.org
Free Standards Group http://www.freestandards.org/
Mandrake http://www.mandrake.com
http://www.parabaas.com/Parabaas_Axar/index.html  (Bangla  editor  for
Linux, Java-based, runs on all platforms)


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  Dear Dineshbhai Karia,

  How are you? Hope fine. Yes I want to cooperate to u for the Gujarati
fonts and packages as a part of Indic-TeX. Explain the job which i should
do. I will inform Dr. Yoga. Sorry for late informing.

   "Dr. Dinesh Karia" <dineshjk@earth.planet.net.in> wrote:

    Dear Udayanbhai,

    How are you? Hope fine. By now you must have received a mail from Yoga
    (I guess he is the same Prof. Yogananda associated with INMO) about the
    development of Gujarati fonts and packages to be included as a part of
    Indic-TeX. If you are interested in joining the hands, please do write
to me
    with a copy to yoga@math.iisc.ernet.in By the way, how are the things
    on? You might be preparing for Rajkot GGM conference. I was also
supposed to
    be there and handle the business of the New UGC-syllabus panel
    but The UGC committee is visiting our university during 12-15, November
    I could not come. Even A.B. Patel is not coming. (A first time that one
    the secretaries of GGM is not in the annual body!).

    Convey my regards to Mrs. Prasanna. She was telling me that she would be
    coming to VV Nagar during vacation for some reference work in our NBHM
    regional Library.

    Since I did not have your email address until now, today I am enclosing
    the copy of first News Letter of our Regional Library also.

    With regards,

    Sincerely yours

    Dinesh Karia

    > ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword name=NBHM News Letter 1.doc

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