[Tugindia] placing footnote

Manjusha Joshi tugindia@tug.org
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 18:00:13 +0530

Krishna wrote:

> Hi all !
> I have some doubts
> 1. How to place header & footer  for first page and footnote for 
> corresponding pages.
> 2. How to place recto verso (running head left, right)
>      \markboth{}{} it is appearing for right hand side only
\markboth works very well when you use \documentclass{book}, since in 
book class, latex can bifurcate between
odd page and even page, which i suseful  to put left head and right head.
For more types of header and footer can use style file "fancyheadings.sty"

with best wishes,

> thanks
> Krishna