[Tuglist] Re: front-end to latex

H.S.Rai tuglist@tug.org.in
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 22:08:53 +0530 (IST)

Today at 12:01pm -0000 Asokan K wrote:

>    vim. But  I found  'kile' usefull  because it  was
>    very intuitive,  saves a lot of  typing and allows
>    for easier switching  between files, navigation to
>    different structural parts of files easier.

No doubt, there are advatages  of GUI front end. But, I
prefer console as it is health friendly, as I find best
readabilty in console and eyes are at its ease.

>    Who  will  remember the  names  of  all these  400
>    symbols,  even though  all  these  names are  very
>    descriptive ?; I forget them very often, may be it
>    is a personal problem.

But, if one uses a symbol and don't know the name, then
how he  will present his  work. I guess every  one must
have seen  speaker who  instead of naming  symbols says
this and  that while  pointing to symboles. How  odd it
appears and what  happen if some one  from audience ask
for  the symbol  name  or some  one  from audience  ask
question by naming  the symbol and speaker  is not able
to understand question as he  is unable to recall shape
of symbol from name.

Then I don't  know how to find a desired  symbol from a
set of 400  symbol without knowing name as  some time I
have seen a  number of users going  through varoius set
of symbols, a number of times, to locate one while they
work with M$ Office. Similar case must be with Kile.

>    I  don't think  writting lengthy  commands in  the
>    echo area or pressing a hunderd keys for something
>    that could  be done  by a  single click  of mouse,
>    doesn't make anybody wiser.

Some time  it is less  key stroke  than a lot  of mouse

Offcourse  this may  be a  very debatable  topic and  a
very very  personal preference,  so what ever  one find
suitable for  him, he should use  that. But, expressing
one's view point makes  others aware of alternative and
thus wiser to some extent.


Wisdom is often birthed in the ashes of failure.