[Tuglist] front-end to latex

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Sat, 24 Aug 2002 10:21:41 +0530 (IST)

On Sat, 24 Aug 2002, H.S.Rai wrote:

> Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 08:34:28 +0530 (IST)
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> Yesterday at 2:35pm +0530 Kamala wrote:
> >    get a pull down menu  called lisp in xemacs. But I
> >    am  still  unsuccessful  in  previewing  my  latex
> >    files! Also while  installing I have  disabled the
> >    8bit
> On my setup, when I run  xEmacs, and open any tex file,
> it give "preview" tab in menu bar.

Does this preview work with an old XEmacs version 20.4. I read in the down 
load site as below:

At the current point of time, at least GNU Emacs-21.1 under the
X window system, AUC TeX(11.11 recommended, see below), a working LaTeX
installation and GhostScript are required.  This version also supports
XEmacs-21.  For best results, at least version 21.4.9 is recommended since
it incorporates several fixes necessary for proper operation of

I am forced to use XEmacs20.4 at the computer center here as a TeX 
unfriendly administrator has flatly refused to upgrade it upon my 
request!! Emacs has many enemies,maybe gvim lobby!! But AUC Tex and REF 
TEX are seen in the customise menu of this version.

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