[Tuglist] front-end to latex

Asokan K tuglist@tug.org.in
19 Aug 2002 05:32:23 -0000

Users of KDE on linux can now download  'kile', an excellent 
source editor and project manager. The features of kile include
1. An integrated editor with syntax highlighting and spellcheck.
2. Easy insertion of common latex commands including commands 
    math specials and Greek letters through menu options.
3. Easy insertion of about 170 various mathematical symbols, by
clicking   on the appropriate icons in a symbols list.
4. Intuitive wizards for quick generation of standard documents,
letters, tables, arrays and tabbing.
5. Easy management of projects involving many include files.
6. A stucture viewer that shows a logical division of the 
into chapters, sections, subsections and easy navigation to any 
of the document in any file by single clicks on structure 
A label element in the structure shows all the labels with
  options to navigate to the containing part of the source.
6. Embedded PS, PDF and DVI viewer.
7. clicking on the line in the log file indicating error in the 
file takes one directly to the corresponding line in the source.
8. wizards for creating bibliograic database of various common 
9. A front-end to gnuplot for easy plotting.
10.tools for various conversions (ps, pdf, html etc)
11. Includes an online reference manual for latex.

Kile requires KDE 3.0.x installed on the linux box.

Kile can be downloaded from
which can be reached from the home page of KDE as well:

Asokan K