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Hello, my name is Alexandre Gaudeul, I am an economist working under a
grant from CNRS, the French research agency, on the subject of open source

I am conducting a case study on the open source development of TeX/LaTeX. 
The open source software development process has indeed in recent years
become a focus of research in economics. (1)

I need to interview people who were and are involved in the development of
the TeX/LaTeX project. When I use the term "involved", this is not strictly
restricted to people who write the code, but also people who document the
program, make license terms respected, assess the code, make changes to fit
their or others' needs, develop interfaces, etc. I am especially interested
in meeting people who use or develop this software in the context of a
commercial activity.

I will be present at the TUG conference in India. I am looking forward to
this conference as an opportunity to meet developers and participants in
the development of TeX/LaTeX. Please be nice to me when I come to ask you
questions in the corridors!

In the meantime, I would be very pleased to receive questions and comments
at my e-mail address, and perhaps already schedule meeting with people
interested in this case study.

My email address is alexandre.gaudeul@univ-tlse1.fr
My CV and papers can be found at

(1) You might be interested in the papers presented at a recent conference
organized by my university in Toulouse, France, on the subject of "Open
Source Software: Economics, Law and Policy":

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